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What Is Yoga?

Patanjali : “Yoga is a conscious process of gaining mastery over the mind.”

Swami Vivekananda : “It is a means of compressing ones evolution into single life or a few months or even a few hours of ones bodily existence.”

Swami Sivananda :  “Yoga is the supreme gift of India to the world at large. Yoga does not quarrel with science; it supplements it. Yoga is a methodical way to attain perfection, through the control of the different elements of human nature -both physical and psychical.

Swami Vishnudevananda : Health is wealth, Peace of mind is Happiness, Yoga shows the way.

Swami Krishnananda: Yoga is not a technique of sannyasins or monks, of mystics or monastic disciples – it is a technique of every living being who wishes to succeed in life. Without the employment of the technique of yoga, no effort can be successful. Even if it is a small, insignificant act like cooking food, sweeping the floor, washing vessels, whatever it is – even these would be meaningless and a boredom, a drudgery and a stupid effort if the principle of yoga is not applied.

Why Yoga?


Yoga integrates the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension and promotes well being. Regular practice improves your health and gives a positive outlook on life. It may be the only system in the world which can be used to PREVENT and REVERSE life style related diseases.


Yoga is an ancient, time tested science which has been passed down the ages for thousands of years. The system of yoga when studied and practiced will provide an understanding of the deep knowledge and also insights into the great minds that created it, this system is truly a great heritage and boon to mankind.


Yoga not only improves your body, but also helps with relaxation and meditation. The Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali Maharishi based on his Yoga Sutras guide the serious yoga practitioner towards higher dimensions of meditation and spirituality.

About Tlva

The Life Vision Academy (TLVA) is a globally reputed Yoga Teaching and Training Center since 2004. We have years of experience in Yoga Teaching, Training & Philosophy.  We have witnessed  students from across the world to take part in our registered training programs. With traditional understanding and modern methods, TLVA is a group of Yoga enthusiasts aiming at sharing one of the oldest and legendary traditions of Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual well being. We are affiliated to world renowned Yoga University , VYASA , Bengaluru. We are also institutional member of the Asian Yoga Therapy Association(AYTA), Singapore.


What Our Clients​​ Say about Us

“I have been doing yoga since 4yrs in Life vision Academy. I feel very lucky to have been associated with academy & to learn yoga under Chandramouli sir and many of his shishyas. There was a break of 6 months since we have shift our residence. But again this online classes was a real boon to me to resume my yoga under the familiar environment.
I have been having health issues like knee pain, asthma..By doing yoga  asanas & breathing exercises I feel much better .
Early morning yoga gives me refreshing well being to start the day.
The wonderful aspect about this class is the availability of different time slots to suit each person’s convenience.
Hope I will be able to continue the classes even after I start my work.
My best wishes to Sir & Naresh and may God give them strength & best health to carry on classes for years to come and spread the spirit of wellness to all.”

Dr. Jayalakshmi


“Excellent class sir. Feeling fresh after finishing the yoga. Dhanyavadh sir!”

Ms. Samundeeshwari


“Started 4 th Feb 2020. The active coaching is what I liked rather than passive training .
I have right sized my body of course long way to go, and overall my breathing (have acute sinusitis) has significantly improved.
More active and flexible and energy levels have improved significantly.
In addition
A)Though it is online now but I feel it is as good as offline class
B) Highly motivating coach
C) Flexible timings
D) also the reason behind the asanas is told so it becomes easy for one to understand as to why this Asana is performed.”

Mr. Vijay


“Have been doing Yoga for 13 years now. The things I like the most about TLVA is the simplicity of approach, yoga sequences and variety. I feel Quite energetic, relaxed after having Yoga Classes with them.”

Dr. Sumit


“This is my first yoga experience. Long before itself I had keen interest in doing yoga but I didnt get a chance. Now luckily I got the opportunity with Life Vision Yoga team. Really l am having a great experience. I could feel the difference inrernally and externally. Now I feel much more active and fit than before. Also, I could feel peace of mind. Really the team is very dedicative and inspiring. Even in this pandemic time, the team is really working hard to keep it going. The online classes are working well in all aspects. Truly satisfied and thanks to the team.” 

Ms. Saranya


“Thanks a lot for providing free yoga sessions for us.
Convey my gratitude to the yoga teacher of my batch 6-7am.
Please inform him. Even though i attended few classes, learnt few new exercises. Thank you once again.” 

Ms. Meghana


“Thank you very much for online classes as there were no yoga classes in our surroundings and I was looking for long time.
I can feel the flexibility of my body has improved and feel energetic throughout the day.”

Ms. Brinda


“Thanks sir we had very good experience last 12 days, new experience. I appreciate your punctuality, practical demonstration, follow up of each participant, given mentoring support. Once again big thanks to you. I want to join and continue with the yoga practice. Special thanks to the master who is very good.”

Mr. Vijayaraman


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing yoga sessions.. They are really helpful to keep us fit and healthy sir..”

Ms. Anjali


“I used to watch YouTube video and do some Yoga’s in the past few years, I normally don’t do inhale and exhale. After joining TLVA online class I able to dedicate one hour for Yoga as well doing Yoga with breathing exercise (Inhale and exhale with each posture). The instructors are good enough to explain each posture. Even they tell us how to do each complex postures with 2 options. Because of that I am able easily do the postures. Now a days I am able to remember few of the Asana names as well and my body is getting better flexibility. Also feel refreshed and relaxed after the Yoga. As I already reduced the weight this Yoga class is useful to do different posture. I am able to get benefit with Instructor led TLVA yoga class. Thanks for provided 2 weeks of free classes to TLVA.”

Mr. Bala


“It was a wonderful session, I truly enjoyed the shavasan practice as the yogi’s voice was very touching, God Bless.”

Mr. Krishnan


“I am attending your Yoga and Pranayam sessions from last month.
It has given me most rejuvenated feeling from the day one I started following your classes.
Especially Pranayam is clearing my throught and nostrils to breath easily and deeply.
The shavasana and cyclic meditation given an experience which can not be put in word. It was umazing.
Thank you once again for giving us this दिक्षा.”

Mr. Atul Kulkarni


“I am taking the yoga classes conducted by the team of Svyasa in order to get a disciplined and guided approach to yogasana, meditation and pranayama since Covid lockdown.
The pranayama and breathing techniques are very helpful in reducing stress and keeping the mind calm. The teacher’s training technique is very clear and well-guided. I personally feel since 3 weeks of the program my flexibility has improved and the pain in my mid-back, shoulders and arms has also reduced considerably. I feel energetic and am able to have a fresh calm mind through the day. Thank you Mr. Chandramoulli and Mr. Naresh.”

Mrs. Vijayanthi



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