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Our Ayurveda Consultation Partner: Jammi

Jammi is recognised as pioneers of Ayurvedic treatments for all diseases from head to toe, especially for orphaned cases where other systems fail. They have  an excellent  reputation & a legacy of 123 years in the field of ayurvedic treatment  and medicines. They serve people by providing them affordable medicines and treatment without undesirable side effects.

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Treat yourself the Ayurvedic way!

An important goal of Ayurveda is to identify a person’s unique prakriti – ideal state of balance, determine patterns of imbalance (vikriti), and offer interventions using suitable diet, herbs, aromatherapy, pancha-karma, massage treatments, music, yoga and meditation to reestablish inner balance and harmony.

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The Yoga-Ayurveda Connection

While many view yoga as a gentler way to exercise, most long-time practitioners realize that yoga is not just physical — it creates balance in mind, emotions and consciousness as well. And they are starting to realize that yoga shares the same origin and goal as ayurveda, the traditional Vedic system of health care. Same origin and goal. Both yoga and ayurveda have their origin in the Vedic tradition of India, and both are a means to gain better health.

A verse from the Yoga Sutra, yogas chitta vritti nirodhaha, describes yoga as the settled state of the mind. He compares it to a verse from ayurvedic texts, svasmin dishati iti svasthah, which states that one who always remains united with the Self is a healthy person. These verses show that both yoga and ayurveda have the same goal, which is attaining union with the Self, the most settled state of the mind.

Yoga is part of Ayurveda & Ayurveda is part of Yoga. Yoga is simply defined the ideal ayurvedic exercise. At the same time, yoga practitioners can benefit from the ayurvedic daily routine as part of their yoga practice.

The yoga practitioner needs to know how to detoxify through the dietary, lifestyle, and purification practices.


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  • Want to feel more calm and focused?
  • Want to sleep through the night?
  • Want to enhance your energy, vitality, and mental clarity?
  • Want to feel nourished and pain free?
  • Want integrated care for a medical condition?

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