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Basic Guidelines for Yoga Practice:


  • It is best to practice yoga early in the morning, after taking bath and without eating anything.
  • Yoga can practiced in the evenings at least 3-4 hrs after a meal. Practice of yoga in the evening is beneficial to beginners or people who are stiff.
  • You can even perform yoga before bath, but after practice you must wait for some time and then take bath.
  • Keep the doors, windows open for fresh air and light while performing yoga.
  • Always practice yoga by spreading a blanket or carpet on a leveled floor.
  • While practicing yoga, you must concentrate only on yoga and try to keep away from unwanted thoughts.


  • Women should not practice yoga during their menstrual period
  • Never practice yoga in smoky places or in areas with foul smell.
  • Children below 8 years of age should not be forced to practice yoga.
  • During illness, after surgeries, fractures, sprains, one should refrain from doing yoga. Resume practicing yoga only after consulting a physician.
  • Do not suppress yourself from sneezing, coughing etc. while practicing yoga.

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