Some people feel that they are not able to make any progress in spiritual life, because they are born with bad tendencies (Samskaras), and that their life is going to end in failure. This is a wrong way of thinking. We have to counteract this feeling with positive thoughts. That is, we should repeatedly emphasize the divinity that is within us. We should think that purity is our birth-right - that we are all pure consciousness. But even if we think that we are divine, we should always be on our guard, should always be watchful. Sometimes we make serious mistakes. Suppose there are some insignificant ripples in the mind, some tiny impulse produced by something from the external world. Sometimes we may brush it aside by thinking that such a tiny impulse cannot do us any harm. There we are making a fundamental mistake. Even if it is a tiny something or it seems apparently insignificant, if we are not conscious of it, then it may ultimately do us great harm. Attachment in any form may be enough to bring about the spiritual downfall of an aspirant. We must carefully avoid all kinds of harmful stimuli. We should take pains to keep our mind engaged in higher thoughts. We should not give any opportunity whatsoever for the lower propensities and impulses to rise and overpower us. Swami Virajanandaji, who was the sixth President of our great Order, has to his credit a very valuable book, which originally was meant for his initiated disciples, but later on was made public. It is called 'Towards Goal Supreme'. In this book, Swami Virajanandaji rightly cautions all aspirants thus: 'Be always alert. Never believe your mind for a single moment. In subtle ways evil may try to beguile you by assuming sometimes a form of virtue or a form of compassion or a form of friendship.' Sometime we may think, 'O, I would like to help somebody. This is my duty, my dharma. Or it is necessary for the sake of friendship.' But that may cause our downfall. Even by this form of compassion or sense of duty or seva, one may get attached to a particular person. So, we must be very, very careful.

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